June 18th, 2008


Thanks for All the Fish (with update)

After seven years in the UU world, I've decided that I can no longer in good conscience call myself a Unitarian Universalist, and that I need to resign my membership in my local UU church. In the long and hallowed tradition of GBCW posts, though, I need to explain why--and so you can follow me below the fold if you're interested.

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As a further update from several years later:

I checked in on my old congregation in 2009, about a year after I left, to see if the new permanent minister was any better than the interim had been. He was not. The minister, who identifies himself as an ex-atheist, smeared "fundamentalist humanism and atheism" in his application essay to the search committee. His entire sermon history contains repeated attacks on atheism. He cracked insulting jokes at nonbelievers' expense in his first sermon. My old congregation barely yawned.

I am far better off as an ex-UU.