Rieux (dr_rieux) wrote,

Greta Christina on Atheists and Anger

Greta Christina, who's among my favorite atheist bloggers, has a post up called "Atheists and Anger" that resonates a whole lot for me.

The (very long) first section of the piece isn't quite as relevant in a UU context (I can imagine plenty of non-atheist UUs arguing that some of those things make them plenty angry, too)--but the second section, beginning with "Why atheist anger is not only valid, but valuable and necessary," is something that I wish many more UUs understood. And then the points Greta makes in that section lend the elements of her first section some added oomph for the minority that she and I both belong to.

Greta then wrote a follow-up post to respond to the comments to the first one--largely she's reacting to the tone-deaf recitation of anti-atheist mantras that certain folks saw the need to throw at her.

Well done, all of it.
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